Sept. 8, 2008


  1. Donovan

    Life happens and often. Look forward to the new stuff!

  2. Josh - Pinketon Goodies Admin - Viva La Pinkerton!

    We’ve waited this long, what’s a bit longer? Glad to have you back!


    I can’t help waiting next kiskaloo:)

  4. DMK

    Oh. Don’t worry Chris! You’ll get the hang of things after awhile. I too have been busy with school. I’m actually in an AP Art program now. So, i’ve been tied up with art projects. Good Luck.

  5. Steve LeCouilliard

    Stoopid computers.

    Can’t wait for the next strip!

  6. nancy

    it’s great to have helpful friends!!
    three cheers for nicole!

  7. jeremythedog

    wow, i was excited just to see the short blog. a comic now might floor me.

  8. John Hoffman

    Hilarious. Great to have a new Kiskaloo! Loved picking the book up at SDCC. You’ve got something truly great here.

  9. Larry Levine

    Chris, Great strip–easily worth the wait!!!

    Monday’s never feel right unless there’s a new Kiskaloo awaiting to tickle my funny bone.

  10. MarkCalifornia

    Ha,ha,ha cartoon hitting is funny. I love this strip and love your work, I can’t get enough.

  11. smacleod

    Awesome man!

  12. Randalt

    Ogo, you silly cat. You’ve only one eye to watch for a counterattack. Sesi might let this one go, though.

  13. Matthew Humphreys

    Wait…book there was a book at Comic Con? AAAAAARGH *Charlie Brown voice*

  14. Marine

    I’m just IN LOVE with Kiskaloo, I always check back and it’s a pleasure to find something new (it worths waiting!! ;))…. So Chris, I can tell you you have fans from France, and I’m one of them! (the only inconvenient of being European is that I can’t find your books easily!). Anyway… I just can’t wait for the next update!!

  15. John S

    Great strip today sir!!!!

  16. icarus

    ogo you bad bad cat :>

  17. Laughing Dragon

    Aw, poor Sesi. Hope she gets even. Glad to that you’re back, Chris.

  18. Michael J. Ruocco

    Patience has finally paid off, & it paid off big! Hilarious strip, Chris! Looking forward for more Kiskaloo goodness!

  19. Stitch

    lol! I think he missunderstood what paddling really is about. XD
    Nice one. πŸ˜‰

  20. jeremythedog

    yay, new strip!

    i would wish that paddling was actually true to ogo’s idea, but i don’t own a paddle.

  21. DavidK

    Great – a new strip! I suspect there will be payback for this little incident…

    I picked up the Kiskaloo book from Stuart Ng Books a while ago to tide me over until new ones returned to the web. My wife and daughter enjoyed the book, too.


  22. Donovan

    I rather enjoy paddling too, especially during work at a retail job.. teach them customa’s their place!

  23. Brian

    Glad to see you’re back in the “swing” of things. Hope your vacation was restful!

  24. Mr. Semaj


    A great time to go upside your buddy’s head.

  25. Happenstance

    This strip IS payback. Remember how she punted Ogo into the pool? (Ironically, to keep herself off Santa’s “naughty” list?)

    Still, a smack on the rump would have been truer to the joke and less disturbing than cracking a little girl with a stick hard enough to leave her unconscious. Shades of “The Boondocks” (ugh)…

  26. jeremythedog

    don’t go around comparing things to the boondocks! that might be giving the boondocks credit…

  27. Nord

    Why do you conclude she was hit in the head?

  28. batzzz

    can you show the stage creation of the kiscaloo commics. I am so interesting in it!I lake your commics so much? so i want to try do something like that

  29. sheltrk

    Awesome strip! Love the “Peanuts” homage, especially the detail on the shoe in the third panel! Keep up the great work, Chris!

  30. MyNameisStitch

    LOL, Another great strip. Keep up the great work Chris!

  31. Kila

    Dude, that DOES look like fun!

  32. Beth Weilenman Mitchroney

    Kenny just said, “That’s a real ‘oatmeal-through-the-nose’ cartoon.” I had to see what the howling was all about. LOVE this gag….love this strip. Reminds me of things that go on in our house, thanks to Kamalani MonkeyCat….The gags, the art, great total package that delights every time.

  33. beeb89

    WHACK!!! LOL!!

    Glad to see your back, Chris!! Looking forward to the new comics.


  34. sway

    …. awsome !!!

  35. Teresa

    ROFL that cracked me up. Poor Sesi. XD

  36. Jakob Westman

    Hahaha!!! That’s awesome.
    I love these guys!

  37. Mike

    I have an odd urge to go paddle now…

  38. RYErnest

    Nice post u have here πŸ˜€ Added to my RSS reader

  39. Dyel

    Ha,ha,ha! ItΒ΄s very,very good! I love Lilo & Stitch(Specially Nani,of course…),and now I became a new Kiskaloo Fan! Greetings from Brazil ! Visit him! P.S. : Who is better : Hawaiian girls or the girls from Ipanema?

  40. Incognitus

    hahaha reminds me very much so of calvin & hobbes πŸ˜€
    This is adorable <3

  41. Henrique Lima

    Very good, I love your work, drawings, jokes and style.
    It would be nice to launch a book Kiskaloo in Brazil.
    I’m your fan!=)

    Hugs from Brazil!