Aug 4, 2008

Chris Sanders Kiskaloo #26, Aug 4, 2008


  1. Matt Pott

    heehee, Oh Ogo is looking well after his last adventure Its been Way too Long!! Wonderful Line Work on this Chris!! :)

  2. icarus

    the detail of the bazillion trees on the second panel is just wow. would have driven me nuts. oh ogo :>

  3. Josh - Pinketon Goodies Admin - Viva La Pinkerton!

    Great comic to christen the new site! We want more Ogo! *cheers*

  4. Lauren Rasmussen

    for some reason, i an reminded of a certain red wagon that had a tendancy to go careening down hills… driven by annoying kid and a tiger. and yes, the tree panel is beautiful- it is now on the “list of beautiful kiskaloo panels” being compiled by some weirdo; right next to the creepy stairs from a while ago. :)

  5. Larry Levine

    Hi Chris, Great strip–very funny & beautifully drawn (as always!!!).

  6. Lui

    I’m so happy to see kiskaloo online finally πŸ˜€
    I follow the comics on yours other blog/site, but now I can finally make a comment.
    And the only thing I can say is that “WOW you are amazing!” πŸ˜€
    Grettings from italy.

  7. James

    TES! Kiskaloo is back! I’m agog for the adventures of Ogo.

  8. Matthew Humphreys

    haha. Wow, now THAT looks like fun.

  9. Phil

    Love how it was drawn, but wherever Ogo was keeping the inflatable duck was probably painful :S

  10. Garrett Williams

    @Phil: Y’know, the trajectory of the duck IS from the direction of a painful place. The only other hiding place I can guess is behind his eye patch. Also, many comic characters have invisible pockets, but surely Chris doesn’t use that little cheat πŸ˜‰
    Also, nice to see that the cast list is fleshed out now. Great read. However, Sesi’s bio looks like there was a copy-pasting mishap.

  11. TomTe

    Sorry, just stumbled upon this strip, wanted to say that i like it, and it reminds me of some of the old calvin and hobbes strips…

  12. Stitch

    lol! Nice way to Start the Summer with. ^_^
    Although, where did Mr. Stuffings got his icecream from? O.o?
    And the second panel is awesome, such a big forest, with mountains in the background,
    with this little pond somewhere in the middle of it, where they take a swim in it. Nice and peaceful. πŸ˜›
    And cool that the character Bio’s are up, now I know how Ogo lost his eye. πŸ˜€

  13. Mike D. Burke

    Yeah I have to agree that this strip does remind me of Calvin and Hobbes a bit, but not that much. Great detail on everything I really enjoy your shading abilities with ink its awesome! LET SUMMER BEGIN WITH KISKALOO!! ha

  14. icarus

    @ Mike…
    i can think of some comics that rip off C&H to a shameless extent (for example ‘peter and company’) but this seems more like a tribut or a nod. especially since the artwork/movement/expressions obviously have some influence of C&H in them.

  15. John S

    Great strip today sir!!!
    I want to see the original. Did you use photo ref for those trees?

  16. red pill junkie

    Err… you might want to correct your typo: It’s “gauge” not “guage”

    Sorry to be picky, but I like this comic strip so much that I want it to be perfect πŸ˜‰

  17. Jayboots

    I just discovered this today, and read all the archives. Great comic! It reminds me a lot of Lilo and Stitch. Same artist?

  18. CustomCoster

    After seeing this I now know what I want to do when a Winter falls again. It’s the detail in the ART and the plot that really makes this a fun comic!!

  19. Capitaine Line

    J’adore ! c’est un vΓ©ritable rΓ©gal de parcourir vos travaux !
    thanks for fun !!!

  20. Chapu

    Happy Summer Holidays!

  21. Brian

    Glad it’s back! Nice C&H tip of the hat.

  22. Josh - Pinketon Goodies Admin - Viva La Pinkerton!

    @Jayboots: Yep, same artist πŸ˜€

  23. Javas

    hahahah Im so lovin this!

  24. Scott Gallatin

    That is a father son day in the works.. now to find a seatbelt

  25. Stitch

    @JayBoots: Not only the same artist, but also the voice for Stitch. ^_^
    lol, and in some of the panels in these comics, I do see the face of Stitch appearing, or reminding it of Stitch.
    The eyes of Mr.Stuffings for example reminds me of Stitch in a way.
    And some of the bats you see, especially that one panel with a whole gang of bats going after Ogo, I see some “Stitch” Faces in it.
    lol, Sorry, little Stitch fan here. πŸ˜€

  26. Niko

    Now I just want to go swimming

  27. geeteee

    Damn, Chris, this is the funniest thing I’ve read all day! Psychotic cat, hot mortician babe, slightly annoying talking bunny, and a little girl that seems to be Lilo’s cousin…at least in spirit.
    L&S was pretty goddam great, but I remember when it was a little more unbalanced…like THIS is. Now THAT woulda been effing great (if T and M and whoever could have refrained from helping).
    Really really delightful and wiggy and fun and beautiful. I had beer come up through my nose.
    Aloha, and thanks for the book! Do more. Come on, hurry up. Well??

  28. Jay

    Ya, I’ve read everything up until now and this comic is definately a tribute to the Calvin and Hobbes comics, especially with the page. Many of Cavin’s adventures with Hobbes came from them riding down a large hill into a pond. Also the expressions and gestures are very Calvin and Hobbes. Love that comic and I love this one! I also love how the art style is modeled closely to the Lilo and Stitch series (we the author did co-direct it). This is a very inspiring comic for me. Makes me want to create a comic.

  29. Jerke Wadde

    You should call this strip “Calvina and Jobbes”, because that’s how much of a knock-off it is.

  30. jeremythedog

    this looks like a heckuva lotta fun. i t’ink i’s gonna enjoy the archivals.

  31. jeremythedog

    i was right. good archives!

  32. Chiaki


    This story makes me so exciting!!

    I’m Japanese,,,
    So I can’t understand every line.
    But your pictures tells me what happens!!

    I respect you.

    Do you like to draw pictures from child?

    your fun,Chiaki

  33. infinitecat

    More! More!

  34. Teresa Watts

    LOL brilliant as always. Wish I couldn’t gone to comic con to see ya. :( Keep up the fantastic work πŸ˜‰

  35. Howard Shum

    Too cool!

  36. Hannah

    This reminds me of snoopy a bit as well… I think it’s Ogo’s feet. Anyway, I love this comic, so keep drawing!

  37. DMK

    Alright! Too bad Ogo lost his vehicle. One whole month of cryogenic icebox seatbelt fusion, and the whole thing was just a waist. Or was it O.o! Great way to start off a new story arc, Chris. This looks like the beginning of a beautiful summer! Can’t wait to see what’s next!


  38. Meesimo

    Another great and fun page!
    good times

  39. Giada

    This is awesome! I’m so glad I found this!

  40. JoggerBlogger

    Sweet! And I can also comment – Great Comic strip.

  41. Smile

    For those of you who think this looks like Calvin and Hobbs, Chris has always drawn like this, as long as I have known him (which has been about twenty five years). And I recall that when Calvin and Hobbs came out I thought it looked like Bloom County and Peanuts… Rather than tearing something down, post a link to an original comic strip you’ve done… have you done a comic strip? other wise, as the saying goes, if you can’t say something nice– don’t say anything at all.

  42. John S

    I’m with Smile. The haters (well, mostly Jerke Wade)should put up or shut up. Chris’s style actually pre-date’s C+H (do the math). Watterson’s infuences (Peanuts, Winnie the Pooh, Walt Kelly) are similar to Chris’s(which would make sense since they are almost the same age) and would account for some of the similarities.
    To deride this strip as derivative reveals an ignorance of the artistic process and of the history of the comic strip.
    Oh, and if you truly think Calvin and Hobbes is the most original strip ever to appear in a newspaper, go google “Skippy” and “Barnaby”. These strips pre-date Calvin and Hobbes by about 40 years. Happy hunting!

  43. Kila

    Man, I adore the lineart. It’s so rich and dark and bold and smooth. Also, the shading looks… really, really good. I can’t believe you can shade like that with a marker. (Assuming that’s a marker- well, art pen. Not a Sharpie, but not a pencil.) Especially the highlights in that girl’s hair, wow.

    And that bunny is freaking adorable, okay. I want to take him home with me. OUT OF THE COMPUTER.


    haha Love summer! Good artwork! Found you by StumbleUpon. Will come back for more!

  45. Liloexp626

    Hahahah, yeah, go Ogo go! XD Love that lil’ pal!

  46. Anthony

    This is way much… a Calvin an Hobbes wannabe

  47. Jesse

    Yes, the second panel is very amazing

  48. The Andy Williams

    Beautiful work.

  49. rebecca burgess

    nice job, as usual! πŸ˜€ Your comic is charming and fun, and your lovely art style reflects that too =3
    I was reading your other blog a moment ago, and wondering…if you were at a comic con, have you printed some of kiskaloo into a comic? Or were you selling other comics/art?

  50. George

    Hey, I saw you at your booth in Comic Con. You were sitting down in the corner drawing. >.>

    That book was definitly worth the money. Can’t wait for the new page.

  51. Lucas -- Imagine THIS

    You’re strip is brilliant. I love it!

  52. Yrgane

    Mr Stuffings is the cuttest rabbit that i ever seen !!! I recieved your sketches and the Kiskaloo book this day, and i absolutly love it !!!! :) In fact, i love all of your works !!!!!! ^^ Is it possible to exchange my penny against a dedication ??? ^v^ (sorry… I’m french, and my English is a few boring !!!:)) Have a nice day !!

  53. sean

    You’ve got 8 hours 28 mins. til august is over. DRAW!

  54. sean


  55. Plenoptics

    Wonderful comic–I adore your style, and I check here every day just to see if this place has been updated! I’m awaiting the next post eagerly.

  56. Olympia

    Very funny πŸ˜€

  57. graypheonix

    Heh, loved seeing this posted on here, and the next one is fun too boot.

  58. Mike

    This comic is so cool.

    Frank the cat is awesome, too, lol

  59. Claire

    Ogo seems to have gotten over his name fit fast…

  60. Francesco

    wow, you’re terrific!