September 30th, 2008

Kiskaloo on it’s way!

Sorry about the inconsistent posting – if you’ve been following the blogs, you’ll know it’s been an unexpectedly lively week at work – I’ll be drawing and posting the new comic in a just a couple of days!  Also, the vinyl pineapple girls are in the water and on their way to our shores.


  1. Teresa

    Looking forward to the next comic 😉

  2. Donovan

    3 jobs and school, I think I have an idea. Hope things are working out!

  3. Ben

    I’m just glad you do them at all! Keep it up.

  4. Stitch

    You’re doing fine, Chris! Keep up the good work. 😉

  5. Larry Levine

    A new Kiskaloo is always worth the wait!!!

  6. Szymon

    Thanks for work and I can;t wait 😉 !

  7. feedadurgeral

    Nice site!


  8. Amber

    Patiently await!

  9. Darrell

    Jeez. What a slacker. :)

  10. chiaki

    I love KISKALOO!!
    I love your story!!
    I love your picture!!
    I love you☆

    I cheer you:)

  11. Corey

    Hey Chris, it’s always worth the wait for a new Kiskaloo! And congrats on taking on directing How to Train your Dragon! saw some early stuff on that when the group of us from SJSU toured the studio down there….when you didn’t visit us! haha..just teasing. Can’t wait to see stuff for Crood too! Oh and I missed you at Comic Con…I got your Kiskaloo book, a Maile, and a print…but somebody (not me) got all nervous and didn’t want to disturb you cause you were in the back of your booth busy signing books and drawing, and then whenever we came back around near your booth, you were gone. :( Anywho… keep up the great work! ..and any word on those bobble hula girls you were working on?

  12. Signe

    Looking forward to more :) It’s full of strange and quirky humor, but that’s what makes Kiskaloo great. Hoho, I love it!

  13. Roo

    Heyas, love the site. I’d definitely purchase some merchandise if ya had some. ;D (A physical comic would be sexy.)

  14. Catherine Jevic

    Can’t wait for a new update!

  15. Laota

    I love this comic! It’s great to see Ogo again.

  16. Corey

    Happy Halloween! (a day late)

  17. benchley

    where’s my kiskaloo fix ?!?!?!

  18. Stitch

    lol, sure is funny, it says: only a couple of days before new comics are posted again, and it’s been 6 weeks later now, still nothing. Hahaha! XD
    I’m guessing something big came up for the delay, very big, Big and important. 😀
    What it is, I don’t know, but it’s something important alright. 😛
    Can’t wait for some new Kiskaloo! ^_^

  19. DMK

    Wow, you must be really busy. Well good luck, stay safe, Happy Holidays (and yes, I have seen a christmas commercial, so tis’ christmas once again!) Hope to hear from you soon.

  20. Tina Thompson

    Nice site, very clean, lots of content and loved having a look.

  21. Tracy

    Love this comic strip and pretty much everything you draw Mr. Sanders. You’ve an amazing and captivating style. Can’t wait to see more installments and to catch one of those vinyl pineapple girls as soon as I can. I’m terribly saddened though to realize I can’t get the especially nifty one in the pirate skull black dress…

  22. Ben

    So do you have an ETA on the next comic?

  23. Ian

    If I could make big ‘ol Bambi-eyes on this comment, I would. But sadly, I can’t. So what say we go ahead and pretend that I can and you post a new comic. PWEEEEEASE?

  24. Mike

    Chris did you like die man? Where ya at with the comics!! What would OGO SAY!! Ya must be wicked busy at Dreamworks eh? Or whereever it is your working now haha, hope what ever your doin comes out amazing due to the lack of KISKALOO!!!! JK Well alright good luck with everything…If ya get a chance please check out some of my stuff on my website and also at thanks

  25. Michael

    Chris: Your artwork is amazing. Let’s make this stuff move!

  26. Lairbo

    I hope Chris didn’t go to Hawaii and take some 3-hour tour…

  27. Mr. Semaj

    It’s gotta be his schedule at DreamWorks.

    Still looking forward to more adventures of Ogo, as well as more original art.

  28. Corey

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  29. Mike

    Dude you totally died and didn’t tell anyone didn’t you!?

  30. Tim

    Nice blog, I will check back again for updates.

  31. Stitch

    I just read something on Wikipedia saying that Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois are currently both working together again directing a movie called: “How To Train Your Dragon”.
    If that is true, then no wonder Chris is abscent so much lately.
    Directing 2 movies? man! O.O

  32. Ben

    I’m starting to freak out… where did you go?

  33. Darrell14

    Need a movie called “How to Train Your Cartoonist”…SIT, STAY, DRAW!

  34. nancy

    Hope all is well with you!
    Happy HOLIDAZE!!!

  35. chiaki

    Merry Christmas!!

    Today is December 24th in Japan。

    What will you do Christmas?

    Have a nice Christmas!!

  36. Iván

    Hi Chris!

    I wish you, and all Kiskaloo fans, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Spain! Thanks for your art!

    OGO FOR PRESIDENT! (…. eh.. maybe next time. I like the Black Man in the White House!)

    Ah! This is the xmas card I did for this year, I hope you like it!

  37. JRL101

    Awesome AWESOME comic ^__^
    I’m defiantly a fan.

  38. benchley

    please show a sign that you’re still alive…

  39. Sean

    Thanks for the Penny!

  40. chiaki



  41. Mark

    Don’t worry, Chris is still alive. You can tell because this suddenly popped up…

  42. Bluelily

    Hey! It was awesome talking to you at comiccon. Thanks for doing the video interview for, it was much appreciated. Hope you’re having fun times!!

  43. themark

    Hello? Where are you Chris?

  44. Marcus

    I will add my voice: your drawings are amazing. Hope all is well, and that soon you will be able to publish more of Kiskaloo (either here, or on paper)

  45. jason kenny

    Have a barbeque with plenty of fosters
    It works for me

  46. larz

    Anybody home? Sure miss you’re work here – ditto what Marcus said.

  47. peanut butter

    Kiskaloooooooo! Chris, thank you for this marvelous thing! Do come back to us soon! 😀

  48. Colin Morris

    Kiskaloo! Where are you? [/Shaggy]

  49. Rew

    You must be insanely busy right now, and I know none of us mind waiting until you have some spare time for the next comic. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been a huge fan, and your work over the past few years was one of the biggest influences that got me to swallow my fears and become an animation student in college :) Love the comic, and can’t wait for more!

  50. Chris

    Please draw some strips! There are millions of bad strips out there and tons more terrible strips and precious few strips of this caliber! Scribble them on a napkin and scan them if you must!

  51. Steve Cannon

    Hey Chris,

    Good to hear you’re busy as ever. Things are going well here in Ireland as a full time illustrator. Ever hear from Lance C?


  52. Helix


  53. Orin J.

    Hey! he’s a busy man, Helix i’m sure he’ll update when he’s got something to put up but right now the man is busy with his own life.

  54. Helix

    Hey, I just meant it in the kindest, most pleasing and motivational sort of way!

    (…the no good inconsiderate lazy BASTID!)


  55. Batzzz

    Chris were are you????

  56. Tracy

    I’m weeping whilst we wait…

  57. Mark

    It’s been said above somewhere, but in case you missed it Chris Sanders is currently writing and directing “How to Train Your Dragon” with Dean Deblois for a March 26, 2010 release for Dreamworks + directing “Crood Awakening” also for Dreamworks (No known release yet, but the orginal script was by John Cleese, and Chris is doing a new draft). So, he’s a very busy guy.

  58. c.b.

    webcomics were not invented by busy men with full time jobs. as much i love kiskaloo, between doing a webcomic and a keeping a well paying creative job, its really no question where priorities will lie.

  59. Indigo

    Wow, I’ve found a new favorite webcomic if you ever post again, not that you don’t have much more important things to do. :) I can’t wait to see what you put out next here, in animation, anywhere. Your sense of humor and imagination is even more wicked than “Lilo and Stitch” led me to believe.

  60. Kotori

    Hai, hope you are doing good chris :( hope to see some updates soon, im a big fan of your art work

  61. Matthew

    A fan checking in
    Is there a new Kiskaloo?
    Alas, there is not

  62. nancy

    Hope all is well, Chris!

  63. AndrewBoldman

    da best. Keep it going! Thank you

  64. Adam

    A charming comic
    seldom updated, sadly
    Sander’s Kiskaloo

  65. Mark

    “Kiskaloo on it’s way!”?

    More like Kiskaloo D.O.A. :(

  66. William Pace

    Big fan. Just re-read the book recently and jonesin’ for more.

  67. Christopher Perez

    love your work !
    how long have you been doing this ?
    are there books to buy ? ! ? !

  68. arkonbey

    Man. The subtle terror of the person who disappears from the internet; Retired? Fed up? Ill? Crippled? Dead?.

    Hope you’re okay, Chris.

  69. Bear

    Chris, I just discovered Kiskaloo today, read the archives and am jonesing for some more. It’s hilarious and beautiful. Such a rarity. Keep up the fantastic work.

  70. Anable

    Wow, I’ve found a new favorite webcomic if you ever post again, not that you don’t have much more important things to do. :) I can’t wait to see what you put out next here, in animation, anywhere. Your sense of humor and imagination is even more wicked than “Lilo and Stitch” led me to believe….

  71. Billy Bob Boo

    Three days away from one year with no updates! Woo! Lets count down the hours! This is like New Year’s 😀

  72. Milio

    When you´ll back to post new incredibles comics? I love your style!Cheers!

  73. DeemSlimele

    All the best for your future. – go to my favorites!!!

  74. sideLeffinC

    It is the coolest site, nourish so!

  75. Crash

    haha! So the dragon’s out of the bag huh? GREAT JOB on your new film!!! Take as much time as you need, there’s no apologizing for hard work!!

  76. Degen G

    I miss this comic! I recently re-read the archives, and I can’t believe I’d forgotten its utter brilliance. I mean, I knew it was good, but I’d forgotten just. how. good.

    I know you’re a busy guy, Chris, but if you’ve ever got the time to do updates again, it would just about make my year!

  77. Chad Townsend

    FIRST comment of 2010! Love what you do, glad you are busy. Keep up the great work!

  78. Funderbunk

    Dear Mr. Sanders, we know you’re really busy with How To Train Your Dragon, which looks awesome and I will definitely be seeing it. But Kiskaloo is also fantastic! Are you going to make more beautiful and endearing Kiskaloo comics? Because we love your work and your cute characters. Hope you read this so you know how much we love Kiskaloo!

  79. Gabrielle

    I Love Ogo!!

    My little Brother and I LOVE your stuff and Can’t wait till we see more !!! Keep up the awesomeness!

    P.s. so excited about How to Train Your Dragon !!! counting down the days !!!

    P.s.s i nearly died of laughter when you drew that panel with Frodo……….

  80. Chukkzter76

    Hey not sure if you still read these as you are a busybody obviously, just wanted to say that I got hooked onto this strip and then… nothing. D: I know, job goes first and noone really can blame you, so best wishes with your projects… but pleaaase if you have more time some day in the future, don’t forget this little site! 😀

  81. Kelli W

    i enjoyed Lilo and Stitch so much!! im waiting for How to train your Dragon to be released to theatures. its gonna be good!! Chris, your art is amazing! you are a huge inspiration!!

  82. onigiripuff

    Hey, after seeing Dragon and deciding that you are a total genus I looked you up on wiki and it lead me here. I’m so glad too, the comics are incredibly cute and definitely your style. Thanks for being so awesome. ^^- And good luck on future films! I know I’ll be a fan.

  83. Karen Belcher

    It’s pretty funny reading the comments posted over the last two years begging Sanders to update this thing. I’m sorry if I’m pessimistic but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  84. Scuba&Sky

    Second comment of 2010! Great stuff. (No surprise there) Long time Kiskaloo fan! I always found it refreshing reading a comic based in a familiar place (I use to live in Alaska but now that I’m in the military I move around a lot…) Anyway. GREAT new movie! I had been looking forward to HTTYD for a long time with high expectations after Lilo and Stitch. I was definitely not disappointed!! Thanks for all you do man!! (do you surf?)

  85. Cindgirl

    Busy busy…now that HTTYD is over and in the theaters…great movie btw….lets get back to work with what matters! We need more KISKALOO!
    BTW great chatting with you at Comicon ….. now get drawing.

  86. kaldvi

    I need the continue of comic :(

  87. manel

    Just whatched “how to train your dragon”! just gorgeous sequences and Character designs!!! im a great fan of yours!!! hugs from brasil!!!

  88. Daniel H

    From one comicker to another, you’ve got gold here. I hope your life slows down, because this is truly great stuff!

  89. Martin

    *pokes the silent bush with a stick*

    Anybody home? I miss Kiskaloo so much! 😀

  90. Bathbomber

    2nd comment of 2010.
    Please come back to kiskaloo

  91. Evan Balster

    Shame to see this in a somewhat abandoned state as it is. :/ But the movies you’ve worked on have been good, so there’s that.

  92. Puddin' Cup

    Just reminding you that you still have fans of your comic eagerly awaiting more if you ever feel like picking it up again. Love your style, sense of humor, and I have a tattoo of your face on my face.

  93. cdin


  94. BrazilianFan

    Some day you come back to draw Kiskaloo????

  95. Spril

    AROOOOOOO! *lonely puppy face*

    I miss you, Chris Sanders! Also, I spent a good day with HTTYD the other day and it was great. Neat commentary, too. I’m excited for whatever you bring next! Extra yays if it’s Kiskaloo. 😀

  96. butterlied412

    Second comment of 2010, Lol! Are you still working on Kiskaloo? I just found this comic and really enjoy it;)

  97. New reader

    first post in 2011… sadly no new comic since the last one in 2008. Hope he hasn’t forgotten about this little gem in webcomic world

  98. gryfynder

    Just found this site. I have read all the comics and am saddened it hasn’t continued. *cries in despair, thinking all hope is lost*

  99. Emilio

    It’s 2011, I know it’s been a while since the last comic but I have to check every once in a while. I miss Ogo, Sesi and even Autumn.

  100. Rythos

    Awwww. Why no more? D: Too busy?

  101. John Pesina

    First comment of 2011! 4 months into it but…yeah.

    Chris, if you’re reading this, I hope you can get back to doing Kiskaloo. We all miss this lovely, awesomely drawn comic!

  102. Brian

    we miss kiskaloo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. joil

    1st comment of 2011

  104. Leandro

    Just read the comic again, I really miss it and hope it will come back.

    It was brilliant and I just love your style!

  105. Kaggles

    2011 has been a crummy year! ill be back here in december with the tape…

  106. Calvin

    Just found kiskaloo and read every one. Brillant!


    2012! Miss the comic! Hope you get to it again. :(

  108. Sarah

    Its totally been too long since the last Kiskaloo ! I need some more naughty kitty in my life!