May 5, 2008

Kiskaloo: May 5, 2008


  1. Trini

    Hahahahaha! So funny! ‘Hobbit’.

  2. Frani

    I’ve been reading this comic since the beginning, and I JUST NOW realized why the drawings look so familiar. Lilo & Stich! I looked you up and sure enough, you are the genius behind that movie.
    Love your work, and your art and your comic.
    (I’m studying animation too, that’s why I think you’re awesome)

  3. Signe

    darn hobbits. They always screw things up, don’t they?

  4. Scuba&Sky

    “Stars, aye!” Haha! I’m in the Navy!

  5. Martha

    I loved the “nameless one”!!! and then, the stars!!! OMG!!! sooo funny!

  6. Walter

    Hahahahahahahah!!!!! That was fantastic! ‘You’re officially a hobbit’… and the little bunny running with throwing stars… I’d pay a million dollars to see that. lol

  7. Emily

    XD I love the expressions in the last panel, officially a Hobbit…I LOVE IT! But I’m sorry I think I would’ve lost the stars as well…that girl is creepy as heck :/
    Just on a side note, I love your work and I can’t wait to see your new movie How to Train your Dragon in 2010 8D. I’m in 3D Animation and CGI in college right now and your new movie has me so excited!!