July 2, 2008

Kiskaloo: July 2, 2008


  1. Stitch

    LOL! XD
    Poor Ogo. 😛
    All that trouble for nothing because she already decided a name for him.
    lol, bummer. 😀

  2. Niko

    It’s up! Nice!

  3. Chapu

    Really nice story! In the end, how many coffee cups did you need to decide his name, “Ogo”? Greetings from Spain!

  4. Garrett Williams

    How about “Eyepatch”? Eyepatch is a cool name too, Ogo.

  5. Stitch

    How did he lost his eye, anyway?
    Did he lost it when he fought with a dog or something?
    Or is he just wearing one for fun? to look cool? and he has infact 2 eyes?
    Meh, maybe if this character didn’t got scratch from the movie, maybe it would have been explained.
    Or, it’s something that will be an ongoing unexplained mystery. :)

  6. Brian

    Awesome to see it’s up! Hope the Con went well!

  7. Alex

    Oooh! It’s so giant and beautiful!

  8. John S

    Chris!! The site looks great! Congrats to you and kudos to Nic!!!
    I wasn’t able to make it to the con unfortunately. I’ll be by later to buy a book from you.
    See ya!!!

  9. Scott Gallatin

    Glad to see your getting things running here.

  10. Matthew Humphreys

    Thanks for doing this strip, Chris. It always makes my day.

  11. Josh

    love the new site, can’t wait for more strips.

  12. Alex

    Awesome! I love the new site!

  13. furrama

    I love how you manipulated the oooooooooo’s in the second to last panel. And the very last panel is very Peanuts-esque. And you are an inking god, I hate you. >.<

  14. icarus

    this is super cute! i was really surprised to see the calvin & hobbes influence on posture and ogo’s expressions. i never realized the influence while watching lilo and stitch! totally bookmarking this, this is just artistic FUN.

  15. K.Ophelia

    Absolutely adoring your web-comic! Your art is very inspirational and your characters are full of personality. : )

    I was not expecting vampires though, lol!

    Ogo’s a cute name but I like Mercury too, can’t wait to see how this pans out. ^.^

  16. C. Jackson

    Great job on the strip and the book, Chris! (and, of course, Nic did a fantastic job with the site!)

  17. NervisGrafix

    One the Best WebComics I’ve seen years.Super job Chris.Looking forward to the next strip

  18. Mike

    Great comic.
    Frank would have been a good name for him too.

    I dont know, he just looks like a “Frank”.

  19. OOZy

    Lol xD Ogo